Receptions ~ Plus!

Receptions ~ Plus!

As part of Our Yosemite Package we offer lots of great ideas for planning both your wedding and celebration afterwards in this magnificent place!

Very low cost "All Yosemite Celebration" with breathtaking views!

“Set to Celebrate” ~ by Sue Paris
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Formal Reception

Receptions are held at our numerous hotel and lodge venues throughout Yosemite National Park and the Yosemite region ~ with a full range of ambiance options. We offer lots of great ideas in choosing a venue that best meets your interests and budget.
Photo by Robert Swan
Semi-Formal Celebration

We offer great ideas for a special celebration for a small group or just the elopement couple ~ where there are fantastic views of high cliffs, waterfalls, a classic Victorian setting, or beautiful meadows and forest. This type of celebration is definitely more cost-effective than a formal reception.
“Yosemite Twice!” ~ By John Paris
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Our very low cost
"All Yosemite Celebration"
with breathtaking views!

This is the most cost-effective option by far ~ and yet for many couples the most incredible and unique opportunity to celebrate their lives together!

It consists of a combined wedding and celebration afterwards at one of our spectacular sites ~ where potentially you can have both at the same location and not have to travel to any other venue.

It is definitely the way to go to keep costs low ~ and guests tend to really love these because through your "All Yosemite Celebration" they can also enter into a true Yosemite experience with you on your special day!
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