Counseling Option

Optional Marriage Enrichment Counseling Services

While we look forward to the possibility of getting acquainted with you and of participating in your special day in Yosemite and desire that you will have a “perfect” Yosemite wedding, we are even more concerned, as no doubt you also are, that yours will be a solid, growing, and lasting marriage!

Most of us, in reality, have been “preparing” for marriage in very important ways since early childhood. But there is still much that we can do to build on the foundation that we have been laying and to further enhance our relationships. Focused attention on this, through Marriage Enrichment Counseling, can be tremendously beneficial for married or engaged couples (including those who have been previously married) in their preparing for the inevitable and complex challenges that lie ahead for them.

We receive encouraging follow-up responses from couples about the merits of their Marriage Enrichment Counseling experience here at Yosemite, with comments such as, “Everyone ought to be required to have this before they get married!

Marriage Enrichment Counseling is a relaxed, enjoyable, and positive time together with Rev. Paris, consisting of a number of often overlooked areas of vital importance for a healthy marriage. General categories include crucial aspects of marriage communication, conflict resolution, the “death and rebirth” of a marriage, new insights into your own unique relationship, spiritual values in marriage, and contemplative opportunities for further commitment and resolve for your marriage.

You would arrange a one-time, three to four hour private Marriage Enrichment Counseling session with Rev. Paris. Often this can even be done on the same day as your wedding if you wish (i.e., counseling in the AM, wedding in the PM) or on a day just preceding your wedding, in order for you to be able to make just the one trip to Yosemite, if that is a concern. The cost for this option is $657.00 per couple.
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