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Marriage License
Yosemite Weddings
Both U.S. and Non-U.S. Residents
=> You must BRING a valid California Marriage License with you to Yosemite for your Yosemite wedding ceremony.

NOTE: A marriage license is required for any couple having a wedding (but not for a couple who are already married and are renewing their marriage vows).               

Obtaining a marriage license in California is a rather simple matter. You do NOT need to be a California resident or U.S. citizen. Your marriage here will be a legal marriage, recognized by most other governments.

You will need to obtain your marriage license here in California before you actually arrive in Yosemite National Park (as there is not an office inside Yosemite that issues marriage licenses). Marriage licenses are issued in each California county at its appropriate office(s). Both persons must be present to obtain the license. Tell them that you will be getting married in Yosemite.

Blood tests are not required, and there is no waiting period. It typically entails about an hour of your time at the county office, though that, of course, depends upon how busy the office is. The fee for the license may need to be paid in cash.

Each person needs to bring a form of picture identification that indicates that person's date of birth (usually a driver's license or passport).

If either person has been previously married, and if the dissolution was finalized within the past 90 days, bring along a copy of the final dissolution papers.

There are TWO different types of marriage licenses in California:

1) A Public California Marriage License (which requires at least one witness* at the ceremony in addition to the minister). *** Be sure to bring your marriage license with you to your Yosemite wedding.***

2) A Confidential California Marriage License (which does not require a witness at the ceremony). *** Be sure to bring your marriage license with you to your Yosemite wedding.***

The Mariposa County Courthouse complex, where marriage licenses are issued here in Mariposa County, is located on Bullion Street between 9th and 10th Streets in the town of Mariposa. It is about a 90 minute drive from Yosemite Valley. Marriage licenses are issued at the Hall of Records across the street from the Mariposa County Courthouse at the County Clerk's Office, 4982 10th Street, Mariposa, CA 95338. The nearest cross street is Bullion Street.

*Note: A witness can be a visitor to Yosemite whom we recruit as a volunteer for your Yosemite wedding. Visitors are quite delighted to be invited to do this. Sue often serves as the witness when she provides our photography services. A witness MAY NOT be required at all, depending upon the type of California marriage license a couple has brought with them to Yosemite (see the two types of California marriage licenses referenced above).
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