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Yosemite Wedding Locations
Suggestions for Choosing Your Site

Before checking out the location buttons on the left, probably the best thing to do in getting an idea for a site for your special event is to scroll down through this page FIRST, especially noting our suggested Favorite Sites below.

Yosemite Weddings are provided at hundreds of unbelievably breathtaking (and easily accessible) locations throughoutLower Yosemite Fall and Yosemite Creek Bridge, by Photo Secrets the Yosemite Region, including incredible “off the beaten path” sites that we have come across over the years, such as those near Lower Yosemite Fall and Bridge (pictured here) or our unique sites at Glacier Point or Tenaya Lake, to name just a couple. The scene above is near a marvelous “secluded” wedding site that we call Chapel at the Falls. Another all-time favorite “hidden” spot is our Windows of the Cathedral.

Favorite Sites
For Yosemite Weddings

Couples often ask for our location suggestions for their Yosemite Weddings. When it comes to choosing the “perfect spot,” much of that, of course, has to do with one's own personal preferences, as well as other factors related to the wedding, such as the season, number of guests, etc. Following are some of our favorite sites.

Yosemite Valley (one of several distinct areas of Yosemite National Park) is absolutely wonderful for Yosemite Weddings year-round; and during the winter and early spring months, Yosemite Valley is the predominant area for events, as most of the higher elevation areas of Yosemite are closed. Yosemite Valley offers such sites as:

Windows of the Cathedral Location for Yosemite WeddingsWindows of the Cathedral ~ a breathtaking, rather “secluded” location for our “YosemiteWeddings.org” events, featuring popular Yosemite landmarks, including fantastic 360 degree views of Half Dome and the Merced River, Yosemite Falls (which flow a good portion of the year), the high cliffs, picturesque meadows, the Yosemite Chapel, and a charming footbridge spanning the Merced River ~ all visible from one incredible spot!

Chapel at the Falls Location for Yosemite WeddingsChapel at the Falls ~ one of our all-time favorites for Yosemite Weddings! ~ an incredible OUTDOOR chapel-like setting (not a building), which is “off the beaten path” and quite private despite the immense popularity of this Yosemite Falls area ~ with phenomenal views of BOTH Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls, which are beautifully framed by forest on either side. (The falls flow a good portion of the year, except typically low if any flow from late summer through early fall.)

El Capitan Meadow Location for Yosemite WeddingsEl Capitan Meadow ~ where the views for Yosemite Weddings are amazing in any direction.

Cathedral Beach Location for Yosemite WeddingsCathedral Beach ~ with super views of El Capitan and the Merced River.

Sentinel Beach Location for Yosemite WeddingsSentinel Beach ~ with wonderful views of Yosemite Falls (which flow a good portion of the year) and beautiful meadows along the picturesque Merced River.

Valley View Location for Yosemite WeddingsValley View ~ with panoramas of incredible Yosemite Valley landmarks, including Bridalveil Fall.

“Inspiration Point” Location for Yosemite WeddingsInspiration Point ~ an incredible, year-round classic panoramic overlook of Yosemite Valley, with a wonderful secluded spot away from other park visitors!

Yosemite's High Country is easily accessible, and includes the following sites, most of which are available from late spring through much of the fall season:

Sentinel Dome Location for Yosemite WeddingsSentinel Dome, where you are “on top of the world,” with breathtaking 360 degree views of the High Sierra Peaks, Half Dome, Yosemite Valley waterfalls ~ and all the way over to distant Mt. Diablo near San Francisco!

Glacier Point Locations for Yosemite WeddingsGlacier Point and nearby Washburn Point, with awesome panoramic views, a stone amphitheater, and numerous other spots along the point where we have Yosemite Weddings.

Tenaya Lake Locations for Yosemite WeddingsTenaya Lake, an easily accessible alpine setting with phenomenal Yosemite wedding sites all around the area, and especially at the west end of the lake.

Tuolumne Meadows Locations for Yosemite WeddingsTuolumne Meadows, offering wonderful solitude, beauty, magic, and an amazing variety of vistas and landscapes for Yosemite Weddings.

Olmsted Point Location for Yosemite WeddingsOlmsted Point, where you look “down” on Half Dome from the High Country.

Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias Locations for Yosemite WeddingsMariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias, a magnificent large stand of massive ancient redwood trees.

“Yosemite Weddings”
Throughout California

While our primary area of service is in and around the Yosemite National Park region, we are always delighted to travel to other locations throughout the State to provide weddings and various other types of celebration services. We had the privilege, for example, of having a baby dedication
atop Mt. Tamalpais overlooking the San Francisco Bay area with a couple who had a Yosemite wedding on top of Sentinel Dome in Yosemite!

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