“Our Hideaway at Inspiration Point” ~ by John Paris
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Yosemite's Uniquely
Incredibly Beautiful
Very Affordable

Marriage Vow Renewals
Baby Dedications
Memorial Services
Other Special Celebrations

“Just the Two of Us” ~ by Sue Paris
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Year round
throughout the Yosemite Region and beyond

Yosemite National Park
"The World's Most Magnificent Cathedral"
Great Budget-Cutting Options!

Your beautifully inspiring "All Yosemite Celebration" consisting of both your wedding and celebration afterwards ~ with awesome views of incredible Yosemite landmarks ~ can actually keep costs extremely low!
“Top of the World!” ~ by Sue Paris
© Just Picture It ~ A Service of YosemiteWeddings.Org
A Small Sampling of
Here are several examples of the types of services we provide

Guidance in choosing one of our many spectacular "off the beaten aisle" wedding sites
Lots of direction in choosing and arranging for an amazing reception or "Celebration" venue based upon your interests and budget
~ Our extremely popular "All Yosemite Celebration"
Significant discounts on our photography packages
The officiant for your Yosemite inspired ceremony

Lots of other items of potential interest to you in planning your special day
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